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Delivering to London, Kent, Essex, West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex and throughout the South and South East

We are Passionate About Flowers

We share your passion of flowers and work hard to source the very best products from all over the world


We understand that you, the contract florist, need the freshest flowers from the broadest range, at the very best prices and usually on the same day every week. We work closely with every customer to ensure that we source exactly what’s required and, if we can’t get it, we’ll always find alternatives.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer care and will keep you in the loop every step of the way.


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Our services to make your life easier

Our aim is to connect you with the best flowers for the best price in the easiest and quickest way possible, so you can spend time growing your business

Direct Contact Point

Communication and a good routine is key when dealing with contract flowers.  To make sure that everything runs smoothly for you, we allocate an account manager to you. This person is your contact point all the while you buy from CJ Love.

Seasonal Flower Lists

To help you plan your designs to maximise quality and keep costs down, we provide you with a seasonal flower list every month. This gives you an idea of which flowers will be at their best for the upcoming 4 weeks and usually means that the prices are better as the flowers on the list are in abundance.

Grower Direct Buying

When possible we like to buy direct from the growers. So, if you need a particular variety in a large quantity, rather than you spending time scrolling through 1,000’s of items – we’ll just order from source which will will save you time and probably a bit of money too.

Mobile & Tablet App

For quick ordering on the go, our app comes in handy for those late orders or forgotten items.

Repeat Ordering

Repeat ordering is bit like pre-ordering except we set up a repeat order for the same variety of flowers or foliage, same quantity, same colour, at the same price for the whole of a mutually agreed time. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

FRESH Monday Delivery Option

To cater for the customers who want to get their contracts out at the beginning of the week, we now take delivery of a full range of flowers on Sunday which are available for delivery on Monday. These are freshly cut from our partner growers and sent directly to us rather than via the auctions.

We believe that consistency is the key

Consistency is key with Contract Floristry.
Consistent prices, consistent flower range and consistent quality & supply are of vital importance when providing flowers on a weekly basis and we work really hard to meet that requirement.
Using our extensive source of suppliers, we can offer flowers at set prices for set periods of time (t’s & c’s may apply) or we can simply buy to your specifications on an ad-hoc basis. Either way, you can rest assured that we’ll provide the best service possible.
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At last, Monday contract work can be a reality

We are one of the only wholesalers around who takes delivery of flowers on a Sunday.  We buy these flowers directly from various growers which means that they are quality assured and as fresh as they can possibly be.

Understandably, this is a real game-changer and makes Monday contract work a real option as you won’t be working with older flowers and our flowers will offer a much longer vase life – essential for restaurant, hotel and office floral displays.

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