Wholesale Services to Garden Centres and Landscapers

Delivering to London, Kent, Essex, West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex and throughout the South and South East

We are Passionate About Plants

We share your passion of plants and work hard to source the very best products from all over the world

Plants from All Around The World

We are very proud to supply plants to shops and garden centres alike. With daily deliveries from Holland and the UK (when in season) and weekly/twice weekly deliveries from Denmark, Italy and Belgium. We sell a massive selection of plants ranging from the smallest indoor plants to 15ft specimen plants with everything in between.

As with all our stock, you will find everything online and in store.

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Our services to make your life easier

Our aim is to connect you with the best plants for the best price in the easiest and quickest way possible, so you can spend time growing your business

Targeted Special Offers

We send out daily special offers – available for next day delivery –  tailored to your requirements. If you’re only interested in English plants we’ll only send you those deals. Maybe you’re a Bonsai specialist so you only want to see that information from us. You tell us what your preferences are and we’ll make sure that you get the relevant info from us.

Garden Centre Direct Online

We appreciate that Garden Centres want to buy in large quantities, quite often ‘by the trolley’, so we’ve created an area online where you can access the bulk purchase range with the super-competitive prices attached. This is a password protected part of the webshop so you will need to talk to your Account Manager to be able to access it.

Seasonal Show Van

In an age where most wholesalers are taking show vans off the roads, we have a dedicated lorry which spends most of its time trundling around the South of England displaying seasonal plants.

Buying Trips

We like to reward our regular clients with the opportunity to accompany us on two trips; firstly, the annual Dutch expo in Aalsmeer and, secondly, a trip to Scotland to see where our beautiful Christmas trees come from.

Standing Orders

If there are certain lines you like to carry at all times, rather than ordering on a daily basis we can set up a standing order for a set period of time. This automatically generates a recurring order until such time as you cancel it. This ensures that you’ll always be first in the queue and your stock levels will never fall too low

Your Own Account Manager

We want you to get the best buying experience from us which is why we give you your very own Account Manager. This is your go-to person who will very quickly understand your requirements and alert you to products that they think will suit your business. We value customer care very highly and hope to make your buying experience as pleasant as possible.

You can buy direct from source

We offer bulk-buying opportunities, directly from our sources, both growers and exporters, whereby you can buy in the larger quantities you need whilst attracting a lower price.  All of the plants bought in this way are sold by the trolley and can be delivered directly to your door.
You will need a log-in code to access the Garden Centre area of our website so please contact us for details.
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Our treat, come on a buying trip with us.

Visit some of our growers in Holland, Denmark and Belgium and see the plants at source.  We offer a couple of trips a year to Garden Centres, please ask for details. Minimum buying quantities do apply.

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